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I have received glycolic peels from Dr. Zamora for many years. My skin has never looked better. I often am complemented on my skin and am confident to refer others to Dr. Zamora’s practice to receive these treatments.” – Kyla Y., Sarasota, FL

I have psoriasis on my feet and hands so bad that the skin would split at the slightest touch or step, making walking especially painful. I tried steroid creams and pills with little no relief. Upon Dr. Zamora’s recommendation, I had my first injection of Stelara about five weeks ago. Within days I started seeing improvement. My fingers have stopped splitting open and my palms have little sign of psoriasis. My feet have been slower to heal, but have improved to make it easier to walk. I am looking forward to continued improvement.” – Kathy S., Sarasota, FL

Dr. Zamora saved my life. No exaggeration, he noticed a tiny mole on the back of my knee that I am sure I would have not seen for a long time. This turned out to be a malignant melanoma that was removed completely before it could spread. I know Dr. Zamora is as careful with all his patients and his skill and compassion is never in doubt. I recommend Dr. Zamora to all of my patients requiring dermatologic care.” – Mike S., Sarasota, FL

Our family loves Dr. Zamora! Thank you for the amazing service and patience. And for me never having to worry about you up-selling your services!” – Christine D., Sarasota, FL

I want to thank you for all the great care you and your staff have given me. Every time I come to your office I am so happy and surprised that I do not have to sit for an hour before my appointment. You answer all my questions and never make me feel like you are in a hurry. Thank you again for everything.” – Andrew M., Sarasota, FL

Hi, I’m Tess Evanoff. I really love to recommend Dr. Zamora to all my friends and clients. He always can get them in right away and gives excellent service.” – Tess E., Sarasota, FL

Dr. Zamora requested I do a biopsy on my face. It came back as a form of cancer. Another MD told me it was nothing, so I was not concerned. If Dr. Zamora had not followed through, it may have spread. I high recommend him in this area.” – Joanne K., Sarasota, FL

I have been able to recover from mycosis fungoide by using the light treatment recommended by Dr. Isaac Zamora. I started treatments in about 2009 and for two years I was in remission until it came back again. I repeated the treatments and it has really worked. I recommend these treatments with Dr. Zamora to anyone who has this condition.” – Sylvia C., Sarasota, FL

“I have been his patient since I moved to Florida many years ago . He is the BEST !”

“Not just a great doctor but also a lovely man! He made me feel comfortable right away. He took his time explaining everything and made sure I didn’t have any unanswered questions. Wonderful bedside manner. If you’re looking for a great dermatologist Dr. Zamora is your man!”

“Best Dermatologist in Sarasota. He knows his stuff. And no long office waits. Highly recommended.”

“Staff was great! Dr. Zamora and his nurse were both very friendly and took the time to speak to me addressing everything I brought up.”

“Great doctor! Very professional and polite.”

“Great work doc! This guy is the best. I would definitely recommend.”